Where the shirt color chosen becomes the car color.


Choosing the Cartops design in the U-Pick-The-Color version allows you to select any color t-shirt to create that specific color for your car.

customer appreciation:

Thanks to Hans-Joachim from Germany for selecting this Yellow Amphicar t-shirt

Thanks to Jill from Ohio for selecting this Blue Datsun Z-Car t-shirt

Thanks to LLoyd from Oregon for selecting this Blue Volkswagen Beetle U-Pick-The-Color t-shirt

Thanks to Joshua from Ohio for selecting this Gold Saturn SC2 t-shirt

Thanks to Joanie from Tucsun for selecting this Great American Red Camaro t-shirt

Thanks to B from The United Kingdom for selecting this Blue Classic Mini t-shirt

Thanks to Joseph from Isreal for selecting this Green on Green Classic Mini t-shirt

Thanks to Gale of Baltimore, MD for selecting this white with red interior '57 Chevy Bel Air convertible

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